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Petro-Canada Prices

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I recently had to stop at a Petro Canada Gas Station.  Holy Shit!!!!   Since when is premium fuel 15 Cents higher than Regular?  This is not Ultra94, no, it is just premium.  Ultra94 is 18 cents higher than regular!!!!!!!

I checked another Petro Canada Station and found the same pricing.  Canadian Tire Gas and Pioneer offer Premium for 11 cents more than Regular.

I for one will not purchase fuel from Petro Canada because of this price gouging.



Ontario and the HST

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Why is it that Dalton McGuinty thinks Ontarians are retarded? The HST will include the current 5% GST and the current 8% PST. This will alos be the first implementation of the Harmonized tax that does not include a reduction in the Provincial part of the combined HST. If the HST was 10%, I’ll support it. If the greedy, self serving, arrogant idiots think that Ontarians will accept a 13% HST, they should give their head a shake as they will be voted out ASAP!!!


Michael Bryant – Unfair Treatment?

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Michael Bryant is in an altercation with a bicyclist and he is charged after the cyclist dies. It will be interesting to hear the fact surrounding this case. So far we have heard the cyclist reach into, or grabbed onto Michael Bryant’s vehicle. If this is in deed a fact, the cyclist was at fault, not Michale Bryant. Bryant is being flogged only because he is a public figure, and that is unfair! More to come on this…..


Couple ordered to take down Canadian flag

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CanadaFlagGirl01How ridiculous is this??      Nobody should ever be forced to take down a Canadian Flag!   Can you imagine if this happned in the U.S.A.?

“A Mississauga couple has been ordered to take down their Canadian flag by the management of their condo complex.

The Toronto Sun has reported the flag hung from a tree outside their rented home for the past 3 months.

The condo company says it acted because another resident complained the flag was dragging on the ground.

Rose Witteman said they displayed the flag to honour her brother who will be dispatched to serve with the Canadian forces in Afghanistan next month.”


“Hurricane Hazel” to run for another term as Mississauga mayor

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Bravo Hazel, the true commen sense politictian.

From 680 News:

Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion doesn’t run a formal campaign, yet she has been elected 11 times as mayor.

And now, she confirmed to 680News that she will run for another term in that city’s 2010 municipal election.

“I have been saying that quite a lot lately, I am going to run, if my health holds out. I am in perfect health now, and a very heavy agenda, [and] if I can continue to cope with that heavy agenda, I will offer myself to the people again,” the 88-year-old McCallion told 680News.

She’s been the mayor of Mississauga for over 30 years, and is the longest serving mayor in Canada, outlasting eight prime ministers as well.

She treats the smallest barber shop in Mississauga as equally as the largest developers in North America, and she even answers calls at home from her constituents.

McCallion puts in 16-hour work days quite regularly, attends dozens of meetings and keeps up to a rigorous schedule of personal appearances, but also has time to play hockey, work out in the gym and fish.

“I love it! I get up early in the morning excited and rearing to go,” she said.

McCallion runs a city that is debt-free, has lower taxes than Toronto and has $700-million in reserve.

She said the secret is her success in office is to look after your people, to keep taxes down and to bring lots of jobs to the city.

“They know I give them a straight answer when they call. [If] they’ve got a problem and they want me [us] to do something, I tell them straight up whether I feel I can do it or whether we can’t do it … I think people like a forthright answer to their concerns. And, I spend their money like I spend my own, which is seldom,” McCallion said.