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Personal Prejudice

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The running of a charitable organization must come without personal prejudice. This is a commitment that must be made when starting a new non-profit Organization. The goal or cause for which the organization has been founded is greater than any individual involved in its operations.

Recent events with in an organization have proven that one person has not maintained composure to follow these ethical rules. The personal issues have been used as motivation to attempt the destruction of the organization.

Once the community of supporters shunned the wayward founder, the move to attacking personally was chosen.  Clearly a personal issue, and clearly a person who should be seeking help, not revenge.

Although I thought this was a friend, I have recently been informed that I too was a victim of a great actor. 🙁

The laws regarding non-profit organization are unique in the business world.  Nobody has the exclusive right to close a non-profit organization before first offering the organization reigns to any of its supporters.  This is different than any for-profit business.  This should not be taken lightly as the cause is greater than the founders of any charitable or non-profit organization.

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HST – Unfair Tax Grab – NDP Helping to fight!

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This an email from the NDP.  The link to click on is at the very bottom:


Dalton McGuinty’s unfair tax grab will make life less affordable for people like you – raising the price of everything from gasoline, hydro, home heating, haircuts and more by eight per cent. More people are learning about this unfair tax grab every day and the movement to stop the HST is growing. But we need to keep up the pressure.

Premier McGuinty said the HST is about ‘tax fairness” – even while a report says the HST will hit consumers hardest.

Dalton McGuinty needs to know that you are opposed to his HST. I encourage you to write your local newspaper, whether it’s a big city daily or a local community weekly. Let the premier know that you don’t support the HST and that you want it stopped.

If there is a call-in show on a local radio or television station – call them and make it clear that you are opposed to the HST.

In addition to writing your local newspaper or calling your local radio station, you can even write the Premier. Simply click on this link and you’ll be taken to an e-mail form which will let you tell Dalton McGuinty that you don’t want the HST.

The Premier says he hasn’t heard an outcry against the HST. Sounds like it’s time to raise the volume a few decibels.

Together, we can stop this unfair tax grab.


Andrea Horwath, MPP
Leader, Ontario’s NDP

PS – Encourage your friends and colleagues to join the fight. Visit our website at … sp?Lang=EN

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St. Paul’s Midtown supports HST

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St. Paul’s Midtown Riding sends message to Liberals, HST is OK!  They send message to Ontarians, Screw you!

Dr. Eric Hoskins, a former adviser to Lloyd Axworthy, won the by-election in the midtown riding of St. Paul’s which was held by former cabinet minister Michael
Bryant for a decade before he left politics in June.

Protest vote hopes were crushed on Thursday as residents elected instead to maintain the status quo,  voicing support for the HST.

This time around, Hoskins beat out Progressive Conservative candidate Sue-Ann Levy, a feisty city hall columnist at the Toronto Sun, and NDP candidate and lawyer Julian Heller.  Maybe the PC and NDP could have given St.Pauls a choice!

Labatt Breweries of Canada Ltd. gave the largest donation of $10,300 to the Liberals. Other contributions included $6,500 from Bruce Power L.P., which operates a southwestern Ontario nuclear power plant, $5,000 from Paul Martin and $250 from former Progressive Conservative cabinet minister Janet Ecker.

St. Paul’s has a population of 112,449 including 82,505 eligible voters, the majority of which are stupid people.  We can only compare them to Floridians. The riding has a mixed-income population with some high-end neighborhoods and some middle-class to low-income residents as well.  Unfortunately is has a high immigrant population who do not understand that “Liberal” does not stand for freedom.

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Ontario and the HST

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Why is it that Dalton McGuinty thinks Ontarians are retarded? The HST will include the current 5% GST and the current 8% PST. This will alos be the first implementation of the Harmonized tax that does not include a reduction in the Provincial part of the combined HST. If the HST was 10%, I’ll support it. If the greedy, self serving, arrogant idiots think that Ontarians will accept a 13% HST, they should give their head a shake as they will be voted out ASAP!!!


Michael Bryant – Unfair Treatment?

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Michael Bryant is in an altercation with a bicyclist and he is charged after the cyclist dies. It will be interesting to hear the fact surrounding this case. So far we have heard the cyclist reach into, or grabbed onto Michael Bryant’s vehicle. If this is in deed a fact, the cyclist was at fault, not Michale Bryant. Bryant is being flogged only because he is a public figure, and that is unfair! More to come on this…..