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Toyota Canada Financial Breaches Privacy?

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I visited the Toyota Canada website.  I filled out a credit application for pre-approval to purchase a Toyota Vehicle.  I received this response from the website:

Pre-Approve Me for Credit

Thank you, your credit application has been sent for processing to Toyota Financial Services.  Your application will be reviewed and a decision reached within 24-48 business hours. To view the decision, please return to after 48 hours, enter the financial services section, click on the “Application Status” button and enter the following code in the space provided.  Your application code is:  E1143A00Axxxxxxxxx78Dxxxxx

Upon return to the site on several occasions and from three different computers and three different web browsers to check the status, I received a page loading and no response to my inquiry.

I contacted Toyota Financial Services @ (905) 513-8200 to inquire as to the status and let them know the site is down.   I was informed that I would have to visit a dealer to find out the status of the application.  They adamantly refused to provide any information or answers.  They claimed they do not deal with the public and a dealer could provide an answer.  This is not what I signed up for!

I did not indicate any dealer preference or permission for my information to be shared.  I expected a response directly that could be accessed by a dealer once I gave permission upon purchase of a vehicle if I so chose.

A Little over a week after my application, I received a message from a Toyota Dealer that I did business with 4 years go inquiring about my visit to the Toyota Website.

So if I want an answer to my credit inquiry I must visit and dealer?  I have no concern about approval, however from a consumer point of view, this could is unacceptable.  They loured me in by promising an online response and then the website convienently does not work, and they refuse, rudley I maight add) to provide any assistance.

Is Toyota a little to big for it britches??




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