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Natural Gas Resellers

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I hope we have all read the stories about Natural Gas resellers and there fraudulent practices of signing people up to a new NG provider without a signature from the home owner.  “If I could see your gas bill, I can show you how to save money”  Then they would write down the account # and information needed for the form to transfer you to their supply, for which you pay a premium.  All this without your signature.

If the price of Natural Gas were to continue on the rise, then you could win with a fixed price.  The truth is, that while prices did go up, the resellers could not afford to sell you your NG at a loss and they went out of business.  The larger resellers are still around because they have contract and many homeowners are paying a premium for their NG.  Based on today’s pricing at a 7 year low, the resellers are winning and the consumers are losing.

For the education of consumers, I just wanted to share the latest news, although it has been a trend for a while.

Wall Street Journal –  Natural-gas futures fell to a fresh seven-year low as a glut of the fuel and tepid demand outweighed diminishing concerns about storms in the Atlantic….. marks the ninth consecutive trading day of declines in gas futures.

“We’re oversupplied, and these storms aren’t causing a disruption…….overabundance of the fuel, resulting in a market that relies less on Gulf output”

There is no way out of the contracts, Union Gas or Consumers Gas will not help you.

You have no choice….  BOHICA

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Toronto Mayor Union Member?

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Six weeks union bullying and the Toronto Mayor gave away the farm to striking city workers. Fiscal responsibility was taken out with the trash!

The union wanted a pay raise and 18 sick days a year, so  Miller rolled over and gave it all to them.
Millar has always cared more about appeasing unions than representing the interests of Toronto taxpayers. It’s like Howard Levitt wrote in the National Post, “expecting Mayor David Miller to deal effectively with the unions was always the equivalent of expecting a fox to responsibly administer a henhouse.”

A union victory again through extortion.  Unions should be deemed criminal.  While GM and Chrysler workers are giving up wages and benefits to save the inductry in these economic times, the City of Toronto Unions need a pay increase and a ridiculous 18 days of sick time per year that they get to bank.  What idiot made that deal in the first place.  Well we know who did it this time!

Miller should have sold out taxpayers at the beginning of the bargaining process as this would have at least spared the citizens the hazards and anguish of a strike.

Taxpayers will now pay for this ridiculous deal.  So hang onto your wallets Toronto, Miller’s just  getting started with his socialist deals .

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Hamilton should not spend Taxpayer $$ on NHL Team

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“Mayor Fred Eisenberger said Hamilton was prepared to do whatever it could to try to land a team in light of a $212.5-million offer by Research In Motion tycoon Jim Balsillie to buy the bankrupt Phoenix Coyotes if he can move them to southern Ontario.”

The Hamilton Mayor is an idiot!  Why the fuck should Hamilton tax payers kick in dollars to a private NHL team?  Why would the residents of the amalgamated Hamilton care?  You want to revitalize the downtown businesses, then get them to kick in.   The area surrounding the city of Hamilton, formerly part of the Region of Hamilton-Wentworth have had enough of the city’s incompetence and self serving ways.

De-amalgamate and the city of Hamilton will be bankrupt.  See if Balsillie will bail the City of Hamilton out!

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