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Personal Prejudice

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The running of a charitable organization must come without personal prejudice. This is a commitment that must be made when starting a new non-profit Organization. The goal or cause for which the organization has been founded is greater than any individual involved in its operations.

Recent events with in an organization have proven that one person has not maintained composure to follow these ethical rules. The personal issues have been used as motivation to attempt the destruction of the organization.

Once the community of supporters shunned the wayward founder, the move to attacking personally was chosen.  Clearly a personal issue, and clearly a person who should be seeking help, not revenge.

Although I thought this was a friend, I have recently been informed that I too was a victim of a great actor. 🙁

The laws regarding non-profit organization are unique in the business world.  Nobody has the exclusive right to close a non-profit organization before first offering the organization reigns to any of its supporters.  This is different than any for-profit business.  This should not be taken lightly as the cause is greater than the founders of any charitable or non-profit organization.

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